Structure Comes First

Before writing the opposite point of views you should think about it what can the possible criticisms of Raghu Rama Edusson nz Rajan be for example for this you can read what Subramanyam swami said about him that he is pro-america in his policies you know he is not decreasing the repo rate which is you know which is not increasing our GDP rate things like that and then you negate the point that why these points by the people who say this they are wrong and you give the logical explanation that will make your case very very strong because you have not only supported your point of view but you have also proved others wrong so that you do just before conclusion and then you write the conclusion that.

To conclude to sum up using words like these that I tell you later in the video so this is how you should structure also some people have a habit of writing like this okay there is this para which is given to you and they will just keep on writing without even giving a space these people have already hit the nail you know on their own feet they you know they will get very very less marks they because the examiner as soon as he sees your essay he will get to know that this person is not trained or he has not done his homework he has not properly prepared on how to write the essay so the very first thing you should do is structure your essay.

There has to be proper spacing between the essay there has to be proper commas and foot stops at the right place so at least do the basic you know the base get the basic hygiene right now I tell you how to begin your essay how to begin your essay so one of the things that I used to do is I always used to start with a code but the but the thing is to write a code this code is a same by a famous person it can be a general universal principle it can be anything but make sure to know the code you know you have to be a well-read person you have to have a very good journal knowledge you have to have a good knowledge of the courts itself so at least learn 10 to 20 very good idioms and phrases or learn at least 10 to 20 very high quality quotes from the books they can be motivational they can be and don’t include the code for just the you know.

The inclusion sake include it only if it is relevant also when you begin then always stick to the topic always start with the with the topic itself for example let’s say if you are given a essay on climate change right how will you start so first you can write a code regarding how the you know how are you know whether some some famous person must have said something that our world is going to end soon if the you know shame on human being something like that you know which says that we are the culprit.