What Kind Of Homeland Security Jobs Are There

The continued threat of attacks on the U.S. has many Americans asking…What kind of Homeland Security jobs are there? If you’ve been wondering how you can help keep the U.S. safe and if you’re looking for a new career.
Consider applying for one of thousands of law enforcement or security support careers available in the Department of Homeland Security.

Many of these security jobs include office support positions, cybersecurity jobs and even protecting the President.
Homeland Security is broken down into several subdivisions. For our purposes, we’ll take a look at the most common areas of security.

Secret Service Agent – U.S. Secret Service

This division of Homeland Security is probably the most well known, and many think it’s the most prestigious. As a U.S. Secret Service Agent you would have the huge responsibility of guarding and protecting the President & Vice President of the United States. You would also protect their families.
As a Secret Service Agent you would also protect visiting heads of states from all over the world. But your duties extend far beyond protecting the lives of important figureheads.
You would secure the financial payment systems of the U.S. This would include investigating fraud, counterfeiting and money laundering.

Transportation Security Officer – Transportation Security Administration

Also known as the TSA, as a Transportation Security Officer your job is to make sure the U.S. transportation system is safe and secure. This division of Homeland Security was created after the tragic events of September 11 2001.
As a TSO, you are responsible for checking each passenger for weapons and other illegal or potentially deadly contraband before allowing them to board an airplane.

On Call Recovery & Response Employee – Federal Emergency Management Agency

Many people are surprised to learn that FEMA is a part of Homeland Security. As with all of the subdivisions, there are numerous security jobs available. One of these positions is called an On Call Recovery and Response Employee.
In the event of a disaster you would be called upon to protect, assist, and aid U.S. citizens and first responders. This is a very stressful job that can be potentially dangerous. You could be called upon to work in an area severely damaged due to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes,floods and terrorist attacks.

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

A security job in this division of Homeland Security would involve the enforcement of immigration and customs laws. As with all of the other subdivisions there are dozens of security jobs. A few of those jobs include but are not limited to the following:

Deportation Officer (DO)
HSI Special Agent
Immigration Enforcement Agent (IEA)