What Kind Of Homeland Security Jobs Are There? Part 2

There are others but this should give you a general idea of the kinds of security jobs available in ICE. Your responsibilities can include the deportation of illegal immigrants. Enforcing and seizing illegal things. Customs officers also regularly seize and stop illegal counterfeit goods, animals, food, and even plant life deemed dangerous from entering into the U.S.

What Kind Of Homeland Security Jobs Are There For Non Law Enforcement Positions?

Your skills in your current profession are also needed in Homeland Security. Let’s take a look.
Civilian Careers – U.S. Coast Guard

It’s easy to get so caught up in the general idea of what security entails. It’s not just guys running around in black suits and an ear piece. Or even uniformed law enforcement agents. There are hundreds of jobs that also contribute to the security of the U.S. that are not in law enforcement.

The U.S. Coast Guard has more than 200 civilian jobs. These jobs help support the security efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard. Here are a few of those support positions.

Technicians in various areas of technology.
Dental Assistants
Construction personnel
Administrative Assistants
Financial Analysts
Housing Management Specialist
Safety & Occupational Health
Human Resources
Marine Transportation
Equipment Specialist
Mission Support

Just as the U.S.Coast Guard employs hundreds of civilians for various positions. The same goes for the Homeland Security forces as well. Every organization needs support in order to operate at it’s peak. Just as every business no matter what they’re selling has support positions in place.

If you have a background in accounting for example. You could find work in Homeland Security as an accountant or bookkeeper. Other Mission Support jobs include:

Civil Rights
Cybersecurity Center
Office of Inspector General
Office of Intelligence
Immigration Services
Office of General Counsel
Privacy Office

There are thousands of Homeland Security jobs available. The variety of positions offers almost anyone a chance to do their part to help keep America safe.

What kind of Homeland Security jobs are there?…everything from law enforcement careers, administrative assistants, construction workers and almost everything in between. Everyone plays a vital role in a common goal.