Examine Admission Instructions

If you’re ready to resume you apply to ten places and and you don’t if you don’t change you change a little bit like I want to work ABC but you want to tailor this SOP to that school so maybe do some research about it before you send your okay so let’s look at some specific instructions for Stanford University we’ve just chosen Stanford because our SOP is going to be Stanford something so these together if you will read it with me this is described in your statement of purpose your reasons for applying to the proposed program so look for this in Indy SOP work and also you can see it you can find it in the key components the reasons for applying that might be interest motivations preparation that might fall under previous graduate activity it’ll be done okay. Get to know how to find the right application approach on Robotdon.

Interest right so there’s a big focus on passion because you’re not just a robot attending their school you’re a real person that is going to do something and at their school represents their University future career plans where do we see that in the components future goals and planets right and other aspects of your background and interest which may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your attitude and motivation this is just fancy speak for tell us anything you would need to tell us that will make us accept you so if you have anything special about past anything that happens and at the bottom as we noted before there are the formatting guidelines so this is a the entire SOP instructions on their website the formatting instructions are one third of the entire page and you may just be like okay that’s not important all right I can ignore that but please don’t ignore it definitely do not ignore it cuz we get a lot of SOPs in our I haven’t edited a lot of SOPs statements of purpose that have a random formatting and sometimes we don’t know what the school asked for so we don’t know how to format it for them for that school so you have to so let’s look at this statement of purpose it’s pretty long.

But I want you to as you go through here maybe you can write down some key phrases there’s a lot of a point to some actual language that helps organize and draw the reader to show that shows the reader what you’re doing in essay and you can also follow along on the components and maybe hear and see if everything is covered I don’t know they love that they give them a chance to have this activity or they can write a mini notes okay it’s a one-shot chance do you need notice you can maybe record it or write down as much as possible okay so in the first paragraph we have what we call our hook and you’ll notice this author doesn’t really write anything that fascinating but they start off by you know saying that their lifelong interest in the field is motivated right so they use powerful language right away due to my lifelong interest in the field and upon careful consideration of his institutions of merits.