Examine Admission Instructions

If you’re ready to resume you apply to ten places and and you don’t if you don’t change you change a little bit like I want to work ABC but you want to tailor this SOP to that school so maybe do some research about it before you send your okay so let’s look at some specific instructions for Stanford University we’ve just chosen Stanford because our SOP is going to be Stanford something so these together if you will read it with me this is described in your statement of purpose your reasons for applying to the proposed program so look for this in Indy SOP work and also you can see it you can find it in the key components the reasons for applying that might be interest motivations preparation that might fall under previous graduate activity it’ll be done okay. Get to know how to find the right application approach on Robotdon.

Interest right so there’s a big focus on passion because you’re not just a robot attending their school you’re a real person that is going to do something and at their school represents their University future career plans where do we see that in the components future goals and planets right and other aspects of your background and interest which may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your attitude and motivation this is just fancy speak for tell us anything you would need to tell us that will make us accept you so if you have anything special about past anything that happens and at the bottom as we noted before there are the formatting guidelines so this is a the entire SOP instructions on their website the formatting instructions are one third of the entire page and you may just be like okay that’s not important all right I can ignore that but please don’t ignore it definitely do not ignore it cuz we get a lot of SOPs in our I haven’t edited a lot of SOPs statements of purpose that have a random formatting and sometimes we don’t know what the school asked for so we don’t know how to format it for them for that school so you have to so let’s look at this statement of purpose it’s pretty long.

But I want you to as you go through here maybe you can write down some key phrases there’s a lot of a point to some actual language that helps organize and draw the reader to show that shows the reader what you’re doing in essay and you can also follow along on the components and maybe hear and see if everything is covered I don’t know they love that they give them a chance to have this activity or they can write a mini notes okay it’s a one-shot chance do you need notice you can maybe record it or write down as much as possible okay so in the first paragraph we have what we call our hook and you’ll notice this author doesn’t really write anything that fascinating but they start off by you know saying that their lifelong interest in the field is motivated right so they use powerful language right away due to my lifelong interest in the field and upon careful consideration of his institutions of merits.

Structure Comes First

Before writing the opposite point of views you should think about it what can the possible criticisms of Raghu Rama Edusson nz Rajan be for example for this you can read what Subramanyam swami said about him that he is pro-america in his policies you know he is not decreasing the repo rate which is you know which is not increasing our GDP rate things like that and then you negate the point that why these points by the people who say this they are wrong and you give the logical explanation that will make your case very very strong because you have not only supported your point of view but you have also proved others wrong so that you do just before conclusion and then you write the conclusion that.

To conclude to sum up using words like these that I tell you later in the video so this is how you should structure also some people have a habit of writing like this okay there is this para which is given to you and they will just keep on writing without even giving a space these people have already hit the nail you know on their own feet they you know they will get very very less marks they because the examiner as soon as he sees your essay he will get to know that this person is not trained or he has not done his homework he has not properly prepared on how to write the essay so the very first thing you should do is structure your essay.

There has to be proper spacing between the essay there has to be proper commas and foot stops at the right place so at least do the basic you know the base get the basic hygiene right now I tell you how to begin your essay how to begin your essay so one of the things that I used to do is I always used to start with a code but the but the thing is to write a code this code is a same by a famous person it can be a general universal principle it can be anything but make sure to know the code you know you have to be a well-read person you have to have a very good journal knowledge you have to have a good knowledge of the courts itself so at least learn 10 to 20 very good idioms and phrases or learn at least 10 to 20 very high quality quotes from the books they can be motivational they can be and don’t include the code for just the you know.

The inclusion sake include it only if it is relevant also when you begin then always stick to the topic always start with the with the topic itself for example let’s say if you are given a essay on climate change right how will you start so first you can write a code regarding how the you know how are you know whether some some famous person must have said something that our world is going to end soon if the you know shame on human being something like that you know which says that we are the culprit.


Take In A Career Choice Expo

At some point in our lives, we are all looking for a job. You might be a recent college graduate looking for the new beginning of your life, hoping to find a rewarding career. Other people may be looking to harness their skills to take on a trade, such as plumber or electrician. Still more might have had a job and lost it somehow – and now are trying to launch themselves in a new direction. No matter what profile you fit into, one potentially good way to find out what’s out there for you is to explore a career choice expo. These job fairs are held at various times, all over the country, across every state and many localities. If you are hoping to discover a new career, it may be a good gamble to take a chance on such an expo as a legitimate option.

One of the professions that are strongly represented in career expos is the nursing profession. Those who want to become an RN may be able to find what they’re looking for at a job fair. There are some suggestions for those who want to seek out nursing jobs: Prior to heading to the expo, make sure you have a polished, well-prepared by a professional resume editor cv in a portfolio. Be sure you include references, particularly if you’ve worked previously with managers or nurse preceptors. Try to practice presenting the qualities you have to offer the company you are seeking employment from. Also do enough research to figure out what companies you most want to work for. Make sure you arrive in professional clothing; not necessarily a suit – but conservative clothing.

When you arrive at the career choice expo, make sure you focus on your specific choices for employers, and do so with confidence. Try to find out whether there are internships and other positions like assistants in order to gain further experience as you go along. Employers are always welcoming of someone who they feel has what it takes, yet is unafraid to learn more and thirst for extra knowledge.

There are many various sorts of career choice expos which can help you make a choice as to what sort of career you want. For example, there are job fairs for beauticians or for those who might join a beauty department at a boutique or store. Macy’s has held expos concerning positions in their cosmetics department. These expos are for those willing to meet requirements such as understanding products well, knowing the clientele, performing makeovers, understanding the procedures and systems, and being a courteous host or hostess, whenever dealing with customers.

In addition to these options, career seekers can also take in expos involving trades. There are fairs available that help you along in the plumbing department, for instance.

One big question is whether job fairs are really an exercise that is worth the time and effort. The way to avoid wasting your time in attending an expo is to be prepared before you journey to the event. If you know what employers you want to interview for, research those companies, and prepare a well-crafted resume. When you’re there, exude confidence and present your info to the person handling the booth you pick. Once you’ve taken care of business, follow up by trying to keep as many connections as you can, in order to get an edge in the interviewing process.

Attending a career choice expo can be a rewarding experience in more ways than one – if you make the right moves.

What Kind Of Homeland Security Jobs Are There? Part 2

There are others but this should give you a general idea of the kinds of security jobs available in ICE. Your responsibilities can include the deportation of illegal immigrants. Enforcing and seizing illegal things. Customs officers also regularly seize and stop illegal counterfeit goods, animals, food, and even plant life deemed dangerous from entering into the U.S.

What Kind Of Homeland Security Jobs Are There For Non Law Enforcement Positions?

Your skills in your current profession are also needed in Homeland Security. Let’s take a look.
Civilian Careers – U.S. Coast Guard

It’s easy to get so caught up in the general idea of what security entails. It’s not just guys running around in black suits and an ear piece. Or even uniformed law enforcement agents. There are hundreds of jobs that also contribute to the security of the U.S. that are not in law enforcement.

The U.S. Coast Guard has more than 200 civilian jobs. These jobs help support the security efforts of the U.S. Coast Guard. Here are a few of those support positions.

Technicians in various areas of technology.
Dental Assistants
Construction personnel
Administrative Assistants
Financial Analysts
Housing Management Specialist
Safety & Occupational Health
Human Resources
Marine Transportation
Equipment Specialist
Mission Support

Just as the U.S.Coast Guard employs hundreds of civilians for various positions. The same goes for the Homeland Security forces as well. Every organization needs support in order to operate at it’s peak. Just as every business no matter what they’re selling has support positions in place.

If you have a background in accounting for example. You could find work in Homeland Security as an accountant or bookkeeper. Other Mission Support jobs include:

Civil Rights
Cybersecurity Center
Office of Inspector General
Office of Intelligence
Immigration Services
Office of General Counsel
Privacy Office

There are thousands of Homeland Security jobs available. The variety of positions offers almost anyone a chance to do their part to help keep America safe.

What kind of Homeland Security jobs are there?…everything from law enforcement careers, administrative assistants, construction workers and almost everything in between. Everyone plays a vital role in a common goal.

What Kind Of Homeland Security Jobs Are There

The continued threat of attacks on the U.S. has many Americans asking…What kind of Homeland Security jobs are there? If you’ve been wondering how you can help keep the U.S. safe and if you’re looking for a new career.
Consider applying for one of thousands of law enforcement or security support careers available in the Department of Homeland Security.

Many of these security jobs include office support positions, cybersecurity jobs and even protecting the President.
Homeland Security is broken down into several subdivisions. For our purposes, we’ll take a look at the most common areas of security.

Secret Service Agent – U.S. Secret Service

This division of Homeland Security is probably the most well known, and many think it’s the most prestigious. As a U.S. Secret Service Agent you would have the huge responsibility of guarding and protecting the President & Vice President of the United States. You would also protect their families.
As a Secret Service Agent you would also protect visiting heads of states from all over the world. But your duties extend far beyond protecting the lives of important figureheads.
You would secure the financial payment systems of the U.S. This would include investigating fraud, counterfeiting and money laundering.

Transportation Security Officer – Transportation Security Administration

Also known as the TSA, as a Transportation Security Officer your job is to make sure the U.S. transportation system is safe and secure. This division of Homeland Security was created after the tragic events of September 11 2001.
As a TSO, you are responsible for checking each passenger for weapons and other illegal or potentially deadly contraband before allowing them to board an airplane.

On Call Recovery & Response Employee – Federal Emergency Management Agency

Many people are surprised to learn that FEMA is a part of Homeland Security. As with all of the subdivisions, there are numerous security jobs available. One of these positions is called an On Call Recovery and Response Employee.
In the event of a disaster you would be called upon to protect, assist, and aid U.S. citizens and first responders. This is a very stressful job that can be potentially dangerous. You could be called upon to work in an area severely damaged due to hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes,floods and terrorist attacks.

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

A security job in this division of Homeland Security would involve the enforcement of immigration and customs laws. As with all of the other subdivisions there are dozens of security jobs. A few of those jobs include but are not limited to the following:

Deportation Officer (DO)
HSI Special Agent
Immigration Enforcement Agent (IEA)

Security Jobs At A Glance…The Pros And Cons Of Security Jobs


Physically Demanding

Depending on where you are employed, your position can be taxing on you physically. Of course if you work in computer and software security this would not apply.

In typical security jobs, you’ll be required to be constantly on your feet for 8 hours or more. Your job may also require you to lift heavy objects that require secure monitoring.

If you are employed as an armed security guard, you will be required to wear a heavy equipment belt. If a situation arises where you need to chase an intruder for example, you’ll have to do so while wearing your required equipment including your gun.

You’ll need to be physically fit and in great shape. In case you have to engage in some kind of physical altercation while on duty.


A security job can be highly stressful. In many situations you may be the only security personnel on duty. The responsibility of protecting a person or property lies completely on you.

A threat to security happens quickly. You need to be able to respond in a manner that protects the person or property while also keeping yourself out of harms way. You will have to make quick decisions without losing control of your emotions and maintain focus at all times.

Potentially Dangerous

Whether you’re working as an armed or unarmed security professional, there is always a chance you may find yourself in a dangerous situation. Your job as a security professional is to deal with people and situations that may challenge you.

You will need to be able to react in a way that will be the best outcome for both you and others. That may mean firing a weapon or physically subduing a dangerous individual. The ability to assess danger quickly and come up with a viable solution under pressure is extremely important.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered some of the most common pros and cons to consider if you’re interested in a career in security. This profession can be both exciting and fascinating. If you’re interested and ready for an exciting career as a security guard or a high level security expert for the U.S. government. Keep our quick guide to security jobs at a glance handy as you prepare yourself for your new career.

How experience of working abroad will boost your CV

When it comes to work experience, many companies and organizations that makes public their vacant job positions always consider previous work experiences as a major determinant of getting the job. If you have gained work experiences in a developed foreign country which you had displayed a greater effort and commitment while working, it will actually be at your advantage as you would have an upper hand when you include the work experience of the foreign country in your CV when you want to apply for a job in your home country. 

Work experience is always a good addition to the CV as it will boost your employability. if you can, try to gain experience in the same or similar profession to the one that you wish to be employed in, but don’t just ignore opportunities in other sectors. After all, everyone loves a good “transferable skill.

Below are some of the advantages how your experiences working abroad can boost your CV:

  1. International networking

Individuals who have international referees contact on their CV is likely to enhance their employment when they put in for a job in their home country as individuals with a wide range of global network are assumed to have enough success working in multicultural avenue. Many companies believe these individuals are enhanced to further increase their customers through their various connects. 

  1. Improved Professional skills

When you have an international work experience in your CV. Many companies believe you have acquired more skills in your field than normal graduates and would give you a upper hand during the process of recruitment for the new job. They also have the initiative you would contribute your unique skills when they employ you. So, what are you waiting for get an international experience today to boost your chance of employment in your home country

  1. Effective Languageand communication skills 

Many employers believe your international work experience success is as a result of your quick adaptability to the new language of the foreign country you had your work experience and they believe you have this communication skills which they might need when passing a message to the targeted customers or clients. Many employers believe the experience of working abroad had exposed an individual to new cultures and languages that he had not known before and show clearly that he has improved communication and language skills. They also have the insight that you can use your skill to make a difference. 

  1. Enough flexibility to withstand various challenges

When you include your working experiences abroad in your CV, it shows you were able to yield good result in very demanding and challenging task and also able to adapt to the new code of conducts in your work environment. After you had worked abroad and gain the needed experience, it gives you the opportunity to withstand any challenges and situations in any work environment and this your employer knows would boost your employability and likely get the job you applied for in your home country.

  1. Improved determination

Employers are always impressed by the fact that you moved out of your comfort zone especially if you had overcome all the challenges during your work abroad. The experience a lot of individuals receive abroad makes them more mature, determined and well adapted person. Employers believe individuals who have work experiences abroad are more exposed to new work situations and systems which makes them to be determined to be successful wherever they find themselves


Whatever work setting you worked in while abroad, make sure you fully explore it as it might be at your advantage when you apply for the job in your home country making you stand out and confident among many job seekers. 

How to write CV for scholarship application

It is not easy to win a scholarship. Scholarships must be applied for if you wish to get one. When you send your application in, it is important that you always include a CV. The CV must be specifically designed for this. Tailoring your CV for a scholarship will help you to stand out from others who are applying for the same thing. You will also have a better chance of being successful.

In this article, we will have a look at how you can go about making your CV suitable for a scholarship application.

Make Sure You Have All of The Relevant Information With You.

Before you begin writing your scholarship CV, always make sure that you have as much relevant information as possible with you first. Then you can start creating a list of any awards, honors, education qualifications, achievements or other extracurricular activities that may assist you with this. Once you have created the list, put them under categories. Decide what should and should not be included on your CV. There may be things that are not worth including on it.

Make Sure Your CV Is In the Correct Order.

Once your list has been completed, you can now put it into a suitable order. It should: leave the reader with a good impression of who you are, be professional and objective. All achievements and other things on your list should be in descending order. Your latest achievements should be placed at the top of the list.

The Information On The CV.

Information that should be on the CV include: your name, address, date of birth, phone number, email, any national education qualifications, your school results and scores, school activities, other languages you may speak, computer skills, hobbies (only ones that may suit the scholarship), work experience and any internships you may have done. Include an objective about how you want to achieve your goal and how the scholarship will help you do this. Never include personal information on your CV.

Always Be Honest, Truthful and Specific.

Always make sure that everything on your CV is as honest, truthful and specific as possible. Avoid making things up and telling lies. Never include skills that you simply do not have.

Proof Read Your CV.

Before sending off your application, make sure your proof read your CV first. Look for any mistakes that may have been made. Make sure all information is relevant and free from error. You do not want to have grammar or spelling mistakes as this is sure to get noticed very quickly.

All scholarships CV’s must look and read professional. Keep it all to one point and use a suitable font size. Never ask another person to write your CV for you. It is better that you do it yourself. It is worth looking up some scholarship CV’s on the internet to give yourself an idea of what they should be like. If necessary, make some changes. Ask somebody to have a read over it to make sure that you have not made any mistakes. Sometimes it takes a pair of fresh eyes to spot any errors that may be hiding in there.

We wish you the very best in preparing for the scholarship you wish to apply for.

How to Differentiate Amateur from Professional writer

How to Differentiate Amateur from Professional Resume writer

One of the most important deciding factors in whether you get a job or not is your resume. Its quality makes all the difference when edging closer to your dream career irrespective of your experience. In most instances, job seekers prefer to craft their own resumes without the help of professional resume writer. They simply research sample resumes from the internet. But how can you know identify a professional resume service? What is a professional resume writing service? Here is how to differentiate amateur from a professional writer.

Amateurs wait for the best time professionals take action

Before figuring out what you want to do you must know what you are. Since so much of your creation is connected to what you are, you must know your identity. However, there is always a right way and a wrong way of doing this. For you to be professional you must perform your way. You must start by believing in yourself before mastering the skill. This also applies to resume writing service. If you are not confident there is nothing much that you can do.

A professional knows the templates, an amateur do not

Do you know the design, template and fonts that you should use in designing the resume? A certified resume writer understands exactly which design, font, and template suit a particular resume. They know what the management expects once they glance at your resume. In job hunting, if you fail to stand out your resume will be rejected.

Professional knows the candidate profiles amateurs do not

When writing a resume do you know that the candidate is the best? Is the resume conveying the same message? Best resume writing service knows what to incorporate in a resume and what to blot out. He or she will talk about your accomplishments in the best way so as to grab the attention of the managers.

A professional sound like a pro but amateurs do not

Is your resume sounding like a pro or not? If it does not sound well chances are amateurs has written it. Amateurs always do the job all heartedly thereby making the resume seem like something that has just been crafted for the sake of it. Before writing a professional resume you must decide to sound like a pro. In any case, why would the managers be attracted to an amateur? When hiring they are always looking for someone who can multitask and who is all rounder. He must show the zeal to do the job without any problems.

A professional apply the rules while amateurs do not

When it comes to crafting a resume there are several rules that should be used. These include modifiers, adjectives, and keywords to target. As a writer, you need to tell a story so as to pass a specific point across to the target audience. To portray the candidate as the best on a piece of paper is not very easy hence a professional resume writer should do this in the best way possible. This is something that resume writers after mastered over time. They are always good in extracting what you are good at.

A professional are remembers while amateurs are noticed

A professional resume writer cares about his legacy. He is not just thinking about a onetime win. He is actually thinking about the long run and the effect of the resume long after he wrote it. He normally works on something that will endure for a very long time.


The job search process is a very hard process hence the candidate should prepare himself for a tough time. This can only be done if you hire a professional resume writer.